Still from Fame-ish

The Fame-ish Soundtrack

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The Fame-ish Soundtrack

Fame-ish still from the trailer.

As a professional writer, writing blogs seems like a logical step for my website. However, it’s come to my attention that I’m also a professional voice-over artist. So, I decided to make an audio recording of my smokey voice. And since it’s audio, there’s no better audio than music! So please enjoy me discussing the Fame-ish Soundtrack. I dive into why I chose some songs, and also talk about the incredible musicians who contributed to the movie.

After listening, please seek them out and discover their music for yourself. Artists like The Red Button, Blankety Blank, Bob Woodruff, and Lex Lang (as Lex Lang)! And of course, if you haven’t seen Fame-ish yet, go watch it! The music is a huge part of the movie!

The Fame-ish Soundtrack

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Fame-ish Trailer