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The Best of Cooking Caveman

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As I mentioned earlier, my old paleo blog on Tumblr was called, “The Cooking Caveman with Jeff Nimoy.”My paleo recipes were a lot more intricate back then. Now, my life is much simpler. I don’t love to cook like I used to. And despite having enough energy to produce a movie by myself, I’m lazy by nature. Still, some of those old recipes are worth repeating!

I don’t want to say I never make my old recipes anymore. And I will probably start making new cooking videos soon. But these old vids are starting to look dated, as are the old recipes. Both Paleo and I have both come a long way since I started in 2010.  So let’s say goodbye to these oldies but goodies!

Cooking Caveman Bread

By far my most popular Cooking Caveman recipes were paleo breads. It’s what people miss the most. I tried it all. My first bread recipe was just four ingredients: eggs, almond butter, lemon juice, and baking soda. And despite the fact I probably posted five better paleo bread recipes since then, the original remained my most popular.

Recently, I decided to eat more vegan. My morning eggs have been replaced by my morning paleo ramen. And all of my old bread recipes called for eggs. So, I’ve kind of stopped making paleo bread altogether. That’s what cheat meals are for!

Paleo bread
Almond Butter Bread

Grandma Cooking Caveman

Like most of us, my fondest dishes came from childhood. My grandmother was an amazing cook, and almost everything I make is a tribute to her. I wasn’t able to turn all her recipes into paleo, but some came out amazing. My Cooking Caveman Stuffed Cabbage and Cabbage Soup were extremely satisfying as substitutes for hers. But my paleo Mushroom Barley Soup (with no barley) brings me to tears remembering how much my grandmother loved me.

I think my biggest achievement as a paleo chef might be recreating my grandmother’s Matzoh Ball Soup. It’s great to make during the Jewish holidays to remind me of the sweet smells of my grandma’s kitchen.

Stuffed cabbage
Paleo Stuffed Cabbage
Paleo soup

Cooking Caveman Sauces

Any chef worth their mettle makes signature sauces. And my best two from the Cooking Caveman blog were my Apricot Sauce and my Plum Sauce. Both are Asian in flavor, and both can make even old shoes taste great. The plum sauce was a little too intricate since I also had to make paleo ketchup as an ingredient. I abandoned it for the easier apricot sauce years ago. But these days, I’ve eliminated all sugar from my diet, including organic honey. It’s hard making these sauces without a sweet component, so now I use overly ripe fruit in the recipes.

Some favorite pairings with these sauces have been coconut shrimp, brisket, and chicken wings! Lately, I’ve been pairing my apricot sauce with breaded veggies. The breading is made from my paleo Shake ‘n Bake mixture, another Cooking Caveman Classic!

A whole roast chicken

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