“Digimon: The Movie” – The Audio Blog (Parts 1-3)

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Once again, I’ve decided to speak a blog instead of writing a blog. In fact, this time I got so lazy, that I’m just reading a blog I already wrote!

My most popular written blog so far has been my behind-the-scenes look at “Digimon: The Movie.” In this audio blog, I not only read the written words, but I also give some extras throughout the video. And I do silly voices. But, if the written word is still your thing, feel free to read the original blog (again, if applicable).

Poster for Digimon: The movie.

This current video contains parts 1 through 3. There are 13 parts total, so the rest will be coming in the following months! Please keep checking my Blogs section for the next installments!

Michael Sorich voices Big Agumon
Michael Sorich voices Big Agumon

Listen to the audio blog below!

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