5-year Anniversary of Jeff Nimoy’s Brain Tumor Surgery

5-year Anniversary of Jeff Nimoy’s Brain Tumor Surgery

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5-Years Ago I Had a Brain Tumor May 17th marks the 5-year anniversary of me having surgery to remove a ping-pong ball sized brain tumor. It still freaks me out...

The Bugs Bunny Rap

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The Bugs Bunny Rap Recently, a friend suggested I write a book about all the jobs I’ve had! Well, this story would probably be chapter number one. The story I…

Digimon Data Squad

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The Beginning of Digimon Data Squad While voice-directing Naruto, an offer came in to dub the first new Digimon series in over 5 years. I didn’t realize how much I…

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Jeff Nimoy’s Digimon: The Movie Audio Blog (Parts 10-13)

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In the final installment of Jeff Nimoy’s Digimon: The Movie Audio Blog, we wrap up with Parts 10 through 13! It was fun remembering all the recording we did as…

“Digimon: The Movie” – The Audio Blog (Parts 7-9)

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In the third installment of Jeff Nimoy’s “Digimon: The Movie” Audio Blog, we bring you Parts 7 through 9! You’ll hear tales of Joshua Seth and I eating!  Plus, Neil...

“Digimon: The Movie” – The Audio Blog (Parts 4-6)

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I continue my latest Digimon adventure of reading instead of writing!  I know you’ve been on the edge of your seats, waiting anxiously to see how we weaved the third…

“Digimon: The Movie” – The Audio Blog (Parts 1-3)

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Once again, I’ve decided to speak a blog instead of writing a blog. In fact, this time I got so lazy, that I’m just reading a blog I already wrote!…

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The Best of Cooking Caveman

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As I mentioned earlier, my old paleo blog on Tumblr was called, “The Cooking Caveman with Jeff Nimoy.”My paleo recipes were a lot more intricate back then. Now, my life…

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The Fame-ish Soundtrack

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The Fame-ish Soundtrack As a professional writer, writing blogs seems like a logical step for my website. However, it’s come to my attention that I’m also a professional voice-over artist….

Jeff Nimoy’s Visit to a Star Trek Convention in 1985

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My First Star Trek Convention I was reading the newspaper in my Brooklyn home, just a few days shy of my nineteenth birthday in 1985. I saw that New York’s…